2016 Natural Pittsburgh Photos and Results:

2016 Natural Pittsburgh Photos and Results:

Full results below, click on photos to enlarge. 2015 logos



Teenage Men BB
Figure Open
(BP) 1st – Braxton Magwood (BP) 1st – MaryAnne Cwynar
2nd – Brayden Howard 2nd – Jennifer Deal
3rd – Daniel Miller 3rd – Michelle Nizen
4th – Amber Chaney
Sub-Master 35-39
5th – Kailin Keegan
1st – George Carter III
2nd – Brandon Bateman
Men’s Physique Novice
1st – Jason Mcalister
Masters Men 40+
2nd – Giancarlo D’Andrea
1st- Travis Tolbert 3rd – Rick Evans
2nd – Todd Volkmer 4th – Shawn Chaudhry
(BP) 3rd – Willie Binion 5th – TJ Tosadori
4th – Richard Hissem
Men’s Physique Open Short
1st – Jason Mcalister
Master Men 50+
2nd – John Jamison
1st – Anthony Ferrigno 3rd – Giancarlo D’Andrea
2nd – Willie Binion 4th – Nick Ali
3rd – William Burleigh
4th – Richard Hissem
Men’s Physique Open Tall
(BP) 1st – Thomas Lazier
Women’s Physique Open
2nd – Rick Evans
1st – Latisha Burns 3rd – Shawn Chaudhry
(BP) 2nd – Ivory Smith 4th – TJ Tosadori
5th – Michael Barker
Men’s Open Short BB
(BP) 1st – George Carter III
Bikini Open
2nd – Anthony Ferrigno 1st – Antoinette Roman
3rd – Nick Helsley 2nd – Nicole Lauricia
4th – Frank Shaffer 3rd – Lindsey Cox
5th – Brayden Howard (BP) 4th – Lisa Stugart
5th – Gay Bartges
Men’s Open Tall BB
1st – Braxton Magwood
2nd – Brandon Bateman Men’s Open – George Carter III
3rd – William Burleigh Men’s Physique – Thomas Lazier
Women’s Figure Novice
WOMENS BIKINI – Antoinette Roman
1st – Jennifer Deal MENS PHYSIQUE – Thomas Lazier
2nd – Michelle Nizen FIGURE OPEN – MaryAnne Cwynar
3rd – Amber Chaney MENS BODYBUILDING – George Carter III
4th – Kailin Keegan
5th – Kat Hillberry