2017 Natural Pittsburgh Photos and Results:

2017 OCB Natural Pittsburgh Photos and Results:


April 8, 2017, Murrysville, PA

Full results below:

Men’s Physique Novice Men’s Physique Open
1st Decker, Ryan 1st Huemrich, Matthew
2nd Smith, Cody 2nd Decker, Ryan
Men’s Bodybuilding Age 40+ 3rd Smith, Cody
1st MacDonald, Terry Men’s Bodybuilding Novice
Men’s Bodybuilding Age 60+ 1st Alexander, Kyle
1st Burleigh, William 2nd Moore, Dominic
Men’s Bodybuilding Open A Class 3rd Smith, Ty
1st Carter III, George 4th Condie, Tanner
2nd Moore, Dominic 5th Oresick, Kyle
3rd Wolf, David Men’s Bodybuilding Open B Class
4th Lenkiewicz, Jacob 1st Lipner, Jason #17 *Overall winner
5th MacDonald, Terry 2nd Alexander, Kyle
Men’s Bodybuilding Teen 3rd Green, Donta
1st Holeman, Jayante 4th Condie, Tanner
2nd Oresick, Kyle 5th Burleigh, William
3rd Hochbein, Cade Figure Novice
Figure Open 1st Duncan, Taylor
1st Duncan, Taylor 2nd Blodgett, Samantha
2nd Bileck, Karleen 3rd Kiser, Lauren
3rd Blodgett, Samantha 4th Chaney, Amber
4th Kiser, Lauren Bikini Age 40+
5th Chaney, Amber 1st Stugart, Lisa
Bikini Novice Bikini Open
1st Lang, Katie 1st Stugart, Lisa
2nd Hajas, Jamie 2nd Lang, Katie
3rd Finley, Chelsea 3rd Hajas, Jamie
4th DeBlock, Taylor 4th Roselli, Morgan
5th York, Ashley
6th Jones, Michelle