2012 Results



 April 16, 2012 marked the 24th year for the longest running natural show in the Pittsburgh area. The event was held @ Franklin Regional High School Auditorium. Fifty two contestants representing PA, MD, OH, MD and NY. Ranging in age from 16 to 68 donned the stage . Beautifully sculptured trophies designed by Neil’s Andersen Artworks were presented to the top five placements in each class along with a best poser in each Division.

Dean Tortorice / promoter started off the evening welcoming all who came to support drug-free athletics. The singing of the National Anthem by Franklin Regional’s freshmen Jenna Miller was next followed by the contests M.C. Jack Doran who did a great job pumping up the audience and making the contestants feel welcomed.


Starting this year the Pittsburgh Championships became a Pro-Qualifier. We would like to congratulate our new IFPA Pros that qualified through this competition.

Wendy Ann Henry (Figure),
Anthony Ferrigno (Men’s Masters Bodybuilding)
Zach Straynick (Mens Overall Open Champion Bodybuilding).

They now have earned pro status and are able to compete for cash prizes throughout the year in IFPA sanctioned Pro Shows.


The Figure Divisions were well represented with a Novice, Master and Open Figure. The contestants were in shape and well prepared bringing grace and beauty to the stage. A newcomer to the Pittsburgh show Wendy Ann Henry from Maryland took it all with her outstanding symmetry and balanced physique. Second thru fourth places Roberta Lebedda, Lisa Hauliska and ErikaHenderson (2011 Figure champion) were so close that one point determined their placements.


The Women’s champion in all three Divisions was Helen Annichiarico from Cranberry, PA. Helen took a uninanamous 1st place decision from all seven judges. Her contest condition and posing was that of a seasoned veteran even though she was competing for the first time. Even though she won a Pro card at the event she decided to stay in the amateur ranks. She just loves competing and did not want to limit the contests she could enter in the future.

The Teenage men’s division had four contestants. Jake Abels from Port Vue, PA. is the new Pittsburgh Teenage Champion. His well developed and muscular physique along with his sound posing ability won this division. Thomas Althoff from Greensburgh, PA had a great upper body also but Jake was complete. Look forward to hearing more about Jake in the future of natural bodybuiding.

The Men’s Novice Division was a battle and coming out on top in the Short class was Jerid Gondosh a delivery man from Pleasant Unity, PA who showed the best symmetry in that class. The Tall class winner was Tim McBride a case manager from Greensburg, PA. who showed superior muscle hardness and separation. Both men received all first place votes from the judges. The Mens SubMasters Division (35-39) was all Erik Banks a U.S. Army officer stationed at Fort Drum, NY who stopped to compete before heading home to visit family in Texas and then deploying to Afghanistan in two weeks to continue serving our country. His near perfect physique allowed him to also win the Men’s open short class and put him in the final posedown. Another bodybuilder worth mentioning and maybe the tallest contestant ever @ 6’10”was Rene Harry from Woodbridge, VA. He was in excellent condition and as he adds muscle to that frame he is going to add a new dimension to bodybuilding. The Men’s GrandMasters (60+) was a close decision between Tom Montgomery and Isaac Lanham with Lanham coming out on top. This class had four contestants and received a warm welcome from the audience that respected a lifelong commitment to stay natural and still be able to compete. The Masters 40+ Pro Card winner was Tony Ferrigno a chiropractor from Evans City, PA. and last years overall champion who has massive delts and arms to match was the clear winner in this class. The Men’s open class short was won by Erik Banks, medium open winner Bob Brill a former Pittsburgh Champion and school teacher from South Park, PA. and open tall class winner Zach Straynick from Lyndora, PA. The Final Posedown of the evening was one of the best finals we ever had with 3 great physiques. In the end it was Zach Straynick the 24 year old University of Pittsburgh graduate who took home the victory! His Incredible massive size and perfect physique was too much for the other near perfect physiques of Banks and Brill.

About the new 2012 Natural Pittsburgh Champion

Zach Straynick was born in Concord NH and at the age of 2 moved to Lyndora which is near Butler, PA. He played baseball from 7 to 16yrs of age and then 2 yrs football. Zach was always a skinny kid until the age of 15 when he got somewhat heavy. He then turned to weightlifting for something to do and then he realized how much he liked it. In 2009 at the age of 20 he got interested in healthy eating and figured out it was time to train and diet seriously. Within 3 months he saw the difference and did his first show in 2009 and second show in 2010 the Presidential Cup which he won the Junior class and came in second in the Lt heavy. He then studied at Pitt and got his bachelor of science in exercise science and is going for his doctor in physical therapy. He wishes to thank his Mom & Dad and sister and family for their incredible support during his training and mental battle preparing for this contest.

2010 Mens Champ





2012 NANBF Natural Pittsburgh Results:

Figure Novice

1. Wendy Ann Henry
2. Roberta Labedda
3. Lisa Hauliska
4. Lauren Vienteier
5. Heather Sumpter

Figure Masters

1. Wendy Ann Henry
2. Roberta Labedda
3. Lisa Hauliska
4. Erika Henderson

Figure Open

1.  Wendy Ann Henry
2.  Roberta Labedda
3. Lisa Hauliska
4. Erika Henderson
5. Lauren Green

Women’s Novice BB

1. Helen Annichiarico

Women’s Master
BB 35+

1. Helen Annichiarico
2. Susan Boyles
3. Robin Ewing

Women’s Open BB

1. Helen Annichiarico
2. Susan Boyles
3. Robin Ewing

Teenage Men

1. Jake Abels
2. Thomas Althoff
3. Sean Brennan
4. Shane Kunsman

Novice Men Short Class

1. Jerid Gondosh
2. Blake Bomberger
3. Isaac Lanham
4. Gregor Barr
5. Michael Sabo

Novice MenTall Class

1. Tim McBride
2. Steve Hildebrand
3. Jackson Momplaisir
4. Jeffrey Bopp
5. Stephen Leighty


Mens Submaster

1. Eric Banks
2. Todd McManus
3. Rene Harry

Mens Master (40+)

1. Anthony Ferrigno
2. Laslo Balazs
3. Steve Hildebrand
4. Jeffrey Heyl
5. Christopher Price

Mens Master (50+)

1. Randy Scott
2. Mark Juhn

Mens Master (60+)

1. Isaac Lanham
2. Tom Montgomery
3. Bob Burrelli
4. Bill Burleigh

Mens Open Short

1. Eric Banks
2. Jarrod Best
3. David Stonage
4. Jerid Gondosh
5. Gregory Barr

Mens Open Medium

1. Bob Brill
2. Anthony Ferrigno
3. John Grimm
4. Michael Flick
5. Laslo Balazs

Mens Open Tall

1. Zach Straynick
2. Tim McBride
3. Seth Shaw
4. Jason Lipner
5. Todd McManus




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