2011 Results


 This year’s Natural Pittsburgh Bodybuilding & Figure Championships continues to grow as natural bodybuilding is becoming overwhelmingly accepted throughout the country.    The contest was held on April 16, 2011 at Franklin Regional High School Theatre in Murrysville, PA.  Forty seven  competitors came from as far away as Georgia and ranged from 18yrs in age to 70.  Beautifully sculptured trophies designed by Neil’s Andersen Artworks were presented to the top five placements in each class along with a best poser in each division.

Dean Tortorice/ promoter started off the evening welcoming all who came to support drug-free athletes.  The singing of the National Anthem by Franklin Regional’s 8th  grade students Jenna Miller and Mara Frank was next followed by the contests M.C. Jack Doran who did a fantastic job pumping up the audience and making the contestants feel welcome.

The Figure Divisions had a great turnout with 17 contestants.  Enough to have a Novice Figure, Masters Figure and Open Figure Short and Tall class.  The Figure contestants graced the stage with great shape and beauty.  Erika Henderson, a first time Figure contestant after competing in bodybuilding last year, made the transition to figure and won the Novice, Masters and Open short class at the competition.  The overall Figure Champion was Abigail Herrnberger, now a two time Pittsburgh Figure Champion and a  student at Pitt going for her masters in physical therapy.

The Women’s champion was Danielle Boyle who looked great in her first ever contest.

The Teenage men’s division had five contestants this year with great physiques for teens.  This contest was a battle between Jared Prusia and teen veteranZach Starr from West Virginia who put on an incredible posing routine at the evening finals that earned him the best posing award for the teen division.  Jared Prusia won in the end, his overall symmetry and muscularity was unmatched.

The Novice men’s short and tall classes had fierce competition with 21 contestants between the two classes.  When all was said and done Michael Kamouyerou and Zach Starr found themselves on top their respective class. The best poser in the Novice was Mike Flick.  The Men’s Masters 40+ 50+ 60+ was won by Tony Ferrigno who also won best poser, Vance Kaloz andBill Burleigh.

The Men’s open Short class was won by Vance Kaloz who had a very balanced rock hard physique.  The medium class was dominated by veteran Tony Ferrigno who came in the best shape ever.  The tall class was won by Joe Sharrow from New Kensington with his well conditioned physique.

The night was topped off with the pose down between the men’s class winners going through a rigorous, muscle flexing array of poses and when all was said and done one man received all seven judges votes and was the new 2011 Natural Pittsburgh Champion,  veteran contestant Tony Ferrigno a chiropractor from Evans City, PA.

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2011 NANBF Natural Pittsburgh Results:

Novice Figure

1.  Erika Henderson
2.  Camille Clarke
3.  Nicole Lapaglia
4. Janey Guidarelli
5. Cherish Collins

Masters Figure

1. Erika Henderson
2. Janey Guidarelli

Open Figure Short

1. Erika Henderson
2. Nicole Lapaglia
3. Cherish Collins
4. Heather Boyd
5. Olivia Christy

Open Figure Tall

1. Abigail
2. Camille Clarke
3. Michelle Nizen
4. Kasey Arena
5. Hailey Corton

Men’s Master 40+

1.  Tony Ferrigno
(Best Poser)
2. Joe Sharrow
3. Raymond Loscar
4. Joseph Cialone

Men’s Master 50+

1. Vance Kaloz
2. Marcus DiNunno

Men’s Master 60+

1. Bill Burleigh
2. Fred Henzel


Open Women’s Bodybuilding 

1. Danielle Boyle

Teenage Men

1. Jared Prusia
2. Zach Starr ( Best Poser )
3. Ian Gilbert
4. Jake Brennan
5. Jaymes Dunlay

Men’s Novice Short

1. Michael Kamouyerou
2. Derek Gabrish
3. Brad Killian
4. Travis McGuire
5. Greg Barr

Open Men’s Medium

1. Tony Ferrigno
2. Mike Flick
3. Zach Starr
4. Derek Gabrish
(Best Poser)
5. Michael Holmes

Open Men’s Tall

1. Joe Sharrow
2. Jason Lipner
3. Brian Bogats
4. Adam Gibson
5. Loran Sekely

Open Men’s Short

1. Vance Kaloz
2. Michael Kamouyerou
3. David Thompson
4. Greg Barr
5. Joseph Cialone




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